Thin Brick Versus Full Sized Brick Advantages

Thin Brick Versus Full Sized Brick Advantages

Design & Construction Factors

• No foundation brick ledge required (cost savings)

• Design load for framing L/360 versus L/600 (cost savings)

• No lintels required (cost savings)

• More usable floor space on same building foot print

• Year-round installation (cost savings)

• Potential lower labor costs (installed by various trades) (cost savings)

• More design freedom (cantilevers, etc) due to lighter weight

• Easily mixed with other light-weight facade materials (i.e. EIFS, sidings, etc)

• Easier to change facade in future renovations (retail typically changes every 7-9 years)


Green Energy and LEED Considerations


• A 1:7 ratio of delivered costs for thin versus full sized brick including units and mortar

• 9,572:1,637 sq ft per truckload

• 165:1,350 lbs. mortar / 100 sq ft

• 907:4114 BTU to produce

• 2,400:14,000 Embodied energy to produce (energy to mine, manufacture and deliver)